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The sewing, cutting & welding technologies for heavy materials and thick thread The latest methodologies for maximizing efficiencies and controlling labor costs


Difficult to find skilled worker and sewing machine technician? Need custom machine for your special sewing requirements? Need to expand your production efficiency & maximize profit?

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1. How to find spare parts for your industrial sewing machines and cutting machines?
All wear and tear parts have been listed in the parts manual of machine, and each parts has a unique number, you just need to search parts number in this site (Note the space between numbers if any, for example the shuttle hook parts number of Durkopp Adler 204-370 machine is 0204 150104, if you search by 0204150104, you cannot find it).
If you cannot find right replacement parts by parts number, please try with model number of your industrial machine.
If the model of your machine is not in list (in many cases, different heavy duty industrial sewing machines are using same parts), please contact us for help.

2. How to find special attachment for your industrial sewing machines and cutting machines?
Special sewing attachments and devices are usually custom made for increasing productivity, improving stitch quality or individual sewing task, these special sewing equipment are not listed in parts manual of machine. We continue to design and manufacture special equipment for our heavy duty industrial sewing machines and cutting machine, and give them a unique parts number (as reference when order).
Please search by model number of your machine, all related special sewing attachments will come out, you can select useful attachments with parts number.

If you need any further information, please feel free to contact us at , thanks you!